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What is “Unrestricted Land”?

NC Mountain Property

Unrestricted land doesn’t necessarily mean you can just do whatever you want with it, but it
does mean you won’t be governed by an HOA. Nobody will tell you how quickly you need to
build, or that you have to build at all. There is no need to submit plans to an architectural review board,
or fret over the color of your front door. You will maintain all of those freedoms, whilst abiding by the zoning regulations.

We sell land that is generally zoned for residential use, meaning the land could not be used commercially for business purposes. However, you still have the ability to use it as an investment, if you choose to build and rent it out on platforms, such as AirBnB or VRBO. In addition to the absence of timelines and size requirements on a build, which obviously allows for more cost effective options like tiny homes and modulars, you also have the ability to utilize campers and RV’s on your property. This affords you the opportunity to enjoy your land now, even if your future plans for the property are still undecided.

In some instances, there may be some basic level protections that go along with your land, mainly just to help preserve its value. For example, they may not allow for your land to be turned into a junkyard, or to have unregistered vehicles, or broken down appliances in your yard. This may vary
from project to project, but the intent is well guided. Ultimately, buying unrestricted land gives
you more freedoms and the flexibility to choose how you want to utilize your property.

Benefits of Unrestricted Land

 No HOA
 No architectural review board
 No forced build
 If you do decide to build, there is no timeline or size requirement
 Ability to choose cost-effective options like tiny homes and modulars
 Ability to enjoy your land immediately with the use of campers and RVs
 Investment potential, whether you buy and hold, or build to rent
 Freedom to adjust your land plans as you navigate through life

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