1What is the exact location of the property for sale?
It might seem crazy, but we pride ourselves in offering prices that are lower than the current market prices of land. The only way to be able to do that, is to hold one day sale events. That prevents multiple people coming to see the lots, bringing their Realtors, and making multiple bids that drive the prices up. County information will be posted in the listings. We will provide information on a "meeting spot", where your representative will meet you prior to the sale. They will guide you through the properties available and give you all the information you'll need to make a good decision on purchasing the land you're looking for.
2Do I have to be present on sale day to purchase?
Yes! When you find the property you love, your representative will take you to the contract area to fill out legitimate real estate contracts that will be sent to a closing attorney for processing. A certified real estate closing attorney will be preparing a deed with the names provided on the contract. We will need your "in person" signature to ensure that your transaction is completed properly and that your deed is prepared to transfer to you.
3Is this an auction?
No! This is NOT an auction. There is no "bidding" involved. Prices are set, and the properties will be sold for the listed price.
4Do you offer financing? Or can I pay in cash?
We accept cash payments on the day of the sale, or at closing. We also offer "in-house" financing with 10% of the purchase price due on sale day, and another 30% down on closing day (plus your closing costs). OR you can secure your own financing prior to the sale date, and bring that information with you.
1What does unrestricted land mean?
Unrestricted, in the most simplest terms, means that your property will not be subjected to restrictions. There is no HOA fee, building restrictions or timelines, or covenants restricting use of your land. You can live however you've dreamed! You will, however, have to get permits from the county to build, install a septic, own farm animals, etc. A need for a permit, does NOT mean you won't be able to do what you'd like.
2Can I use this land as an investment?
Yes! And we encourage you to do so! The real estate market is in the perfect place to invest, for beginners and seasoned pros. Hold on to the land and let it appreciate, or build a cabin, a tiny home, a treehouse... and use it as a rental property! We'd be happy to point you in the right direction, to make your property work for you.
3Do mineral and gas rights convey with my land?
Yes! All Mineral, Oil, Gas, Water, Soil, and Timber rights convey with your purchase, just as they would with a typical real estate transaction. This is an important question to ask when looking for land. Double check this conveyance with anyone you choose to purchase land with.
4Can I just see it/ buy it now?
Unfortunately, no. We like to provide exclusivity to our client base. Because we tend to offer larger tracts, and unrestricted properties, we have a large class of clientele that return to multiple sales for purchase. If we sold land prior to the sales, we wouldn't have anything to offer on Sale Day!
1Are the lots listed on your website actually for sale?
Yes! We like to provide a "sneak peek" of a few properties that will be available for sale on the date of the event. They are listed to give our clients an idea of what properties, views, and features will be available. With that in mind, consider them "featured listings". They are examples of the multiple properties, varying in acreage, price, terrain, etc. that will be offered.
2What if the property I wanted was already sold before my appointment time?
This can happen. It's the nature of the beast of Liquidation Sales. We are often accused of using a "bait and switch" tactic. This is simply untrue. Quite often, those who have never attended this type of event will show up, unknowingly, without having read material we've sent or doing any research. All of our advertised properties ARE for sale, but those are obviously the properties in high demand. The goal is to attend a sale with an OPEN MIND. There will be several lots, very similar to the advertised lots, that may actually save you some money in development costs. Your representative will help you pick out several lots that you'd love to have. That way, when it's time to choose the lot you want, you'll have back up options, just in case someone else snags the advertised lots. You are bound to find something you love. If you don't, we have sale opportunities each month all over the Southeast. We will work with you to ensure you find what you're looking for! Although some may find our process intimidating, it truly is the ONLY way to purchase land below market price, and it's way more fun!
3Why do I need an appointment to see it?
There will be several appointment times or "waves" on sale day. Each wave will have a set number of clients who will be viewing the property. If we didn't have a structured appointment schedule, it would induce a free for all! We want to keep the process as smooth and enjoyable for our clients, as it is for us.
4What happens after sale day?
During the week following sale day, members from our team will be reaching out to you! They will help you set up a date for your closing, provide you a list of contractors, builders, and utility providers in the area to make the transition smooth. We are here for you! Our line of communication is always open, so if you run into an issue, we've got your back!